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I am a warm friendly person whose aim is simple,

to provide a professional, open, honest and transparent service. 

I am Guild of Master Sweeps, NVQ & HETAS, trained and qualified. I have had PTSD which has left me with a severe anxiety disorder this is both a blessing as far as the business goes and a hinderance. A blessing as it is this that means I go to the nth degree to go the extra mile, but it’s a hinderance as I get migraines and panic attacks and both can cause me to have time off of work. 

it is for this reason that I have employed my lovely friend Anne (who doesn't like having her photo taken) to help me with the phone and the bookings.

... and her team

Meet Sam...

Sam The Lady Sweep

My previous jobs were within the social care/work arena.

I love the countryside, the outdoors as well as wildlife, kayaking, cooking and gardening.

I have a fantastic allotment at the bottom of the garden and grow my own veg. I love where i live the natural area is beautiful.

Life is amazing! I find having Colin around is brilliant because of the anxiety - BUT if you would sooner it just be me in your house , please just say we wont be offended


Col is my partner and has now joined me full time in the business. Colin doesnt sweep but he does services and hes is very good at helping at what ever i need him to do. He does most of the driving now............. and he loves to chat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's a high end boat builder with nearly 40 years experience with an eye for absolute detail.

Colin has a VERY bad back, these days and is waiting for a nerve block injection. So if hes not doing very much, please don't think hes being lazy hes just in pain

Since leaving boatbuilding to work with me , Colin has become a really good cook. Hes making pastry, cakes & bread and hes an absolute wizz at pies, and Marmalade. Hes the kindest man i Know, and whilst i look after the business and the Garden he looks after the cooking the house and me. 


Woofs is a 7 year old Cockerpoo whose job within the company is crucial.

He provides the glue that holds it all together.

Hes sweet nature'd and faithful. His hobbies are watching Rat TV, catching mice and he loves playing golf and football 

At work he can often be found responding to emails from my site and watching out for cats !!!


Sam the lady sweep arrived at the time we had arranged. Sam was very friendly, informative, & conscientious. Sam went through everything that was happening, and let me see the camera footage of the my chimney flue. We discussed changing my open fire to a woodburner in the future, and she also checked out that chimney flue as well. Sam worked in a very confident, and tidy manner, no mess, no soot to be seen. I am very pleased with Sam the lady Sweep service and price. I will certainly be recommending her to all my friends

chimney sweep


Excellent first sweep!!

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