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Sam The Lady Sweep _ Stalham, Norfolk

About Sam the Lady Sweep

Please Note we are now FULLY booked for 2023 were now taking bookings for February / March 2024 on wards. 



I am smiley, chatty, kind and considerate and go the extra mile.

I provide excellent service and value for money. 

Unfortunatly Colins health has been badly affected by both Covid and Flu this past season and is no longer working with me due to his health


I cover most of North Norfolk including Norwich, Holt, Sheringham, Aylsham, Stalham, North Walsham, Wroxham, Blofield and every thing in between.


 I normally only take on 5 appointments a day with each appointment lasting about 1 hour. My appointment times start at 8am, and we try and run as close to your allotted times as possible throughout the day, but I do also deal with problems as they come up so unfortunately times can on occasions go awry and can be late.... but rest assured if its your chimney then i will spend the time with you. Appointment times are approximate for a guide only. We can be up to an hour early or late or sometimes even more

Getting in touch

I have also been fortunate enough to have my friend Anne involved with the day to day running of the business. So if you call text, email or send courier pigeon, Ann will be there picking up your calls.

Latex Gloves

Please note for environmental reasons I have switched to natural Latex gloves as these can be disposed of without harming the environment. IF you have an allergy to LATEX please please let me know prior to my visit so that we can put things in place, by only wearing manufactured gloves during the whole of that day.

IF you have a life threatening allergy to latex, please please note this warning. 



Please note we do NOT remove bees, alive or dead. This is a specialist job one that i neither have the equipment for or knowledge of.recommend

She has an excellent reputation 

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