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About Sam the Lady Sweep

I am smiley, chatty, kind and considerate and go the extra mile.

I provide excellent service and value for money. Because im so busy now and my anxieties were getting a little too much, Colin my partner has joined me full time. He helps me by carrying every thing into each house and he is also now my service engineer, because he is super brilliant at this - he also loves to chat ...................... 


I cover most of North Norfolk including Norwich, Holt, Sheringham, Aylsham, Stalham, North Walsham, Wroxham, Blofield and every thing in between.


 I normally only take on 6 appointments a day with each appointment lasting about 1.5 hours. My appointment times start at 8am, and we try and run as close to your alloted times as possible throughout the day  . 

Getting in touch

I have also been fortunate enough to have my friend Ann involved with the day to day running of the business. So if you call text, email or send currior pigeon, Ann will be there picking up your calls .

Sam The Lady Sweep _ Stalham, Norfolk

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